Act & Statutes

1. "The National Institute of Design Act, 2014" (2.15Mb)

2. "The National Institute of Design (Amendment) Act, 2019" (493 Kb)

Office Orders and Office Memorandums

1. O.O.No.01-Internal Complaints Committee (188kb)

2. O.O.No.02-Property Returns (690kb)

3. O.O.No.18-Standing Committee (96kb)

4. O.M Submission of APAR for the Year 2021-22 (962kb) 

     APAR_Group_A    APAR_Group_B     APAR_Group_C     

5. O.O Review Committees (201kb)

6. O.O Appointment of CPIO and FAA under RTI Act, 2005 (201kb)

7. O.O Establishment of Departments and Designation of HOD's (923kb)

8. O.O Nomination of Laison Officer for SC/ST and OBC (610kb)

9. O.O Designation of Hindi Officer (569kb)

10. O.M Reimbursement of Newspaper Expenses. (1.3Mb)

11. O.M on Reimbursement of Telephone Expenses (812kb)

12. O.M on Administrative Instructions V-0.1 (2.47MB)

Office Circulars

1. Circular No.01-LTC Special Cash Package (1.6Mb)

2.Circular No.02- Office Timings (1.4Mb)

3. Circular No.04-Medical Facilities (512Kb)

4. Circular No.07-Child Education Allowance (3.9mb)

5. Circular No. 03 - Medical Facilities (1.74 MB)


1. Joint Declaration Form (105kb)

2. Medical Reimbursement Claim Form (91kb)

3. Procurement Indent Form (63kb)

4. Telephone Expenses Reimbursement Form (212kb)

5. CL and RH Leave form (563kb)

6. Other than CL and RH Leave Form (380kb)

7. LTC Advance Form (142kb) LTC Claim Form (183kb)

8. Reimbursement of Newspaper Expenses (178kb)

9. Reimbursement of Children Education Allowances (417kb)

10. Reimbursement of Traveling  Allowances on Official Tour - TA claim form

11. On Duty Form - OD Form