Act & Statutes

1. "The National Institute of Design Act, 2014" (2.15Mb)

2. "The National Institute of Design (Amendment) Act, 2019" (493 Kb)

Office Orders

1. O.O.No.01-Internal Complaints Committee (188kb)

2. O.O.No.02-Property Returns (690kb)

3. O.O.No.18-Standing Committee (96kb)

Office Circulars

1. Circular No.01-LTC Special Cash Package (1.6Mb)

2.Circular No.02- Office Timings (1.4Mb)

3. Circular No.04-Medical Facilities (512Kb)


1. Joint Declaration Form (105kb)

2. Procurement Indent Form (91kb)

3. Medical Reimbursement Claim Form (63kb)