Communication Design

After finishing the one-year Foundation course of four-year B.Des, students enter into the dynamic field of Communication Design. This three-year course aids in learning the aesthetic, technical and conceptual techniques from the three major fields (Graphic, Animation and Film), which are essential for the creative outcome, enabling students with skills and tools to solve complex problems in various fields of communication design.

In this workshop and project-based method of education, students experiment with various media are further enriched with experiential learning. This medium is unique in terms of style and approach, and hence its implementation can be explored further. The expansion and application of electronic/digital media have diversified the scope of application of communications expertise to communication technology.

During their period of study, students are encouraged to work on a variety of projects majoring in a myriad of sub-domains of communication design. This program successfully gives the industry animation writers, character designers, storyboard experts, creative directors and design-informed filmmakers. The graduates can also set up their own entrepreneurial design enterprises. Communication Design students have a plethora of choices.