Textile and Apparel Design

The Textile and Apparel Design program in the National Institute of Design Andhra Pradesh is a unique program that combines and blends theory and practice of both these disciplines. The program is built on a strong technical foundation combined with basic design sensibilities and multi-disciplinary learning. This is further layered with an understanding of culture as a resource for design through, field studies and documentation to rediscover the traditional wisdom of using skills, materials, tools and approaches. The program aims to develop new design applications using various traditional and innovative perspectives and achieves this by developing a student’s intellectual, aesthetic, analytical and technological abilities.

Fundamentals of design basics and inputs specific to textile and apparel design, including textile fibres, weave structures, surface design, dyeing techniques and colouration, printing methods, pattern making, draping and sewing techniques, constructed textiles and other inputs related to art appreciation, design research, design process, design management, sustainable textile and apparel design methods are inherent to this program. NID provides a wealth of opportunities for study and inspiration during this program.

Graduates find positions as textile designers, apparel designers, freelance entrepreneurs, interior and spatial designers and sectors like research and development, automobile, space and defence among many others.