The Foundation Program at the National Institute of Design Andhra Pradesh is the first of the four-year education program. Over a period of 50 years, the Institute has carefully crafted a comprehensive course structure that will prepare students for discipline-specific studies in the following years.

Students will be introduced to fundamental concepts, materials, and methods that are common to all art and design practices. The first-year curriculum will take students through critical guidance, generative learning and problem-solving, self-governed projects with explicit communicative and expressive outcomes. The foundation year courses have been developed as parts of a cohesive structure, with a purposeful interleaving of content and experience.

Students in the first year learn to address these needs as a challenge and are provided with the intent, motivation, information, tools, and methods to meet these challenges. Foundation students accomplish a journey from passive learning to creative application. The programme provides a time and space for students to realize the best vision of themselves as creative individuals. Students will learn to identify the problem, analyze and synthesize them, and result in well-crafted solutions in traditional media as well as the most recent digital applications.