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A New Year, a New Era and a Renewed Agenda

Sekhar Mukherjee

Greetings Planet Earth, Salute Amaravati & Thank You Andhra Pradesh!
Happy New Year friends & community.

I took charge of NID Andhra Pradesh on 24 December 2018, the eve of Christmas day. My visit to our transit campus, in the lash green pacifist premises of Acharya Nagarjuna University, is not new. However, this time I changed my costume from fire brigade personnel to the Director of this history in making institute.

I sincerely express my gratitude to DPIIT and other dignitaries and experts for entrusting me with the laser torch to direct, shape & navigate a National Institute of Design of another kind! I will definitely not only play but also coach the team now onwards.

Earlier, every time I came rushing to the transit campus I was impressed by the team of young & restless but dedicated minds, working together with a glint in their eyes. So this Summer Christmas of 2018, brought me back to the place which has already given me abundance love and kick, to now build NID Andhra Pradesh time machine, as we need to travel between past and future through the present.

As the deep-rooted philosophy of National Institute of Design aptly quoted by one of our unsung design educator, Late Shri Siddharth Ghosh states, “Institutional foci…Fostering the culture of responsible and value? centric design education rooted in the traditions of India and Asia. Developing an approach to design for sustainable development. Fostering a culture of design which improves the quality of life for the masses. Fostering a culture of design which ensures the participation of all social groups and improves access to products and services for the widest possible range of users…..Furthering design research and practice to integrate perspectives and knowledge from the fields of art, humanities, science, technology, social science, and commerce. Strengthening design education in India to complement emerging domains of global concerns…”- Chitrakatha’13 Design Talk. NID Auditorium.

NID Andhra Pradesh is shaping up from a faraway land, a blessing in disguise, as living in urban comfort, design education often loses its direction in this age of glamour, glitter and information overload. Blessed with a young team, and an evolving place, I am sure we will build a strong community and soon the identity of NID Andhra Pradesh will be noticed.

Education is not training, educators are not a machine, and design knowledge is not a monomyth. Design is process-driven, human-centric, value-based education. We at times need to tell ourselves, I am here for the students, they are our future colleagues and the architect of India next. Form follows Content and Content comes from Context. Working in isolation will bring stagnation & stagnation is death. We need to be dynamic, sensitive, contextual, prompt, flexible and inclusive with changing times. So, dear NID Andhra Pradesh family, let’s spend more time conversing, telling & listening to each other’s stories. Maybe spend lesser time on Social Media, rather build our untold text & image for the world to know and respect. Let us Co-exist, Co-create, Collaborate and Celebrate every day, in line with the true spirit of Design Education

I welcome once again, all our friends & well-wishers to come together. Let the design Buddha smile!

Thank you and warm regards,
Sekhar Mukherjee

Short Profile
Sekhar Mukherjee

NID Andhra Pradesh
Design Educator, Animator, Cartoonist, Festival Director & Graphic Storyteller!

Alumni of NID, Prof. Sekhar Mukherjee-was a senior faculty of communication design served NID Ahmedabad from 2002 till 2018. After graduating in commerce, he decided to follow his passion as his profession, and started his career as a newspaper cartoonist, illustrator & info-graphics artist at Economic Times, Kolkata, before he joined NID to study Animation Film Design in 1992. In 2000, he trained the first 2D animation studio in Dhaka, Bangladesh, one of his cherished projects. In 2002, he joined his alma mater as a design educator. For the next 12 years, he headed the Animation Department. Under his mentorship, his students won much national & international recognition. He was also the NID Film Club Chairman and the Artistic Founder Director of iconic Chitrakatha-A biennial International Student Animation Festival since 2007. Along with his student mentorship he also regularly contributes & practices cartoons, comics, illustrations, mural, graphic experiments etc. He is often invited as a delegate, jury member and expert to other design schools & various animation & comics festivals across the globe. In 2009 he received the Best Animation Teacher Award from CNBC-TV18 for “outstanding contribution to the cause of animation education in India”. He celebrates design as a problem solving and opportunity creation tool in his 25 plus years of the professional journey. He is also an editorial board member of 123 Animation- An Interdisciplinary Journal, SAGE, UK & Longform Graphic Storytelling Collective.

? The Story of Indian Animation - Sekhar Mukherjee D’source documentary on his journey and work: