We not only excel in academics but also grow in all aspects and at NID we strive to merge academics and set-up culture when we try to gain inspiration by working on the areas of our personal interest that expand our knowledge and inspire others to showcase their hidden talents. A platform which is formed when we intend to extend and integrate the principles that govern design with the laws of nature and traditions and students have taken up the following endeavours, a few being:


The first community radio of NID Andhra Pradesh. This is a little project curated by the Communication Design batch of 2019, under the guidance of singer, songwriter, scholar and mentor Moushumi Bhowmik, Kasturi Basu from Radio Quarantine, Kolkata and our Coordinator, Kurma Nandham.

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Film Club

The Film and Video club show a video or movie once every week in the SLA room. The screenings consist of general feature films, classics and avant-garde films. Language is no barrier, it is rightly said: "media is the message".

Theatre Club

A platform where storytelling reaches its epoch, where students aspiring to act, dance, chant, make music collaborate with each other and everyone with a mind's eye. We intend to recite stories and communicate beyond the permissible.

As an initiative taken by the Institute to take the NID culture ahead, students attend cultural and educational fests organized by other NIDs across the country.

Chai and Camera (Photography Club)

Photography enthusiasts induce a theme, and post an interstice, forms a forum to discuss personal works and techniques in the form of photographs, over a cup of chai.